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Seeking a Home

After listening to “Homeless” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, I began wondering what it meant to have a home. Although I have been privileged enough to have a physical home, I believe that “home” has a deeper meaning than the one we give it. With the concept of home, there is identity and belonging, their is […]

The right man at the right time and the right place: let’s look at privilege

Why I write. My writing is not as per the convention, I do not aim to add to a body of literature. Neither do I write to follow the wave of discourse and I do not expect my writing to fall within any category of knowledge areas. These writings are my thoughts, translated on paper. […]


The importance of conversations with myself is to reflect on life, not to give a blueprint on life, because firstly there isn’t one and secondly, very rarely do we ever sit back and thinks about the things that make us who we are. We are constantly preoccupied with the struggle for material gain that we […]